With fast, accurate, complete information we take care of the hassle and stress of managing and processing DATA in the film industry, saving time and money.


Talent Scan is all about the managing and processing of talent data in the film industry and assisting production with a top of the range, industry leading digital platform, designed and developed by top end software developers with the guidance, knowledge and experience of well know SA Film Industry stakeholders. We aim to smooth things out for production by acquiring, managing and distributing all the relevant data of individuals working within the Movie industry, making sign-in/out faster and more accurate with our digital scanning system, making sure time sheets and IPR5 data get to Accounts and Payroll instantly, connecting the industry on a new way never before seen, and much more!!!!

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What we offer

Digi-Chit System Easy to use On-boarding App Digi-Crew Time Sheets
Our digital CHIT system allows Talent to check in & out on set by using their ID document & digitally signing CHITs at the end of the day. This combined with runlists, payroll reports and easy CHIT form searching, makes for a faster turnaround in accounts & talent invoices settled quicker with accurate data. Our newly developed app allows each person to register their profile data on our system to add anyone to your crew list with ease, with all relevant data at you fingertips. Crew contracts get digitally uploaded to the job profile giving you instant & completed paperwork. Never look for a crew contract again! Our digital crew time sheets system takes the hassle and man power away from signing in/out crew. By simply arriving on set or at base our system checks them in/out, auto-populating each person's time sheet, taking in consideration early calls, over time & wrap time, based on all the figures stipulated in their contracted rates.

What have we been up to

We are proud to have been involved on these productions offering our Digital CHIT Service for Background Artists

We have been privileged to be featured in the FMG magazine and the 5th edition of the Callsheet 2019

Key Features

Talent Scan has been developed by professionals within the film industry to produce a fast, stable and cost-effective digital platform boasting with many features.

Save time, save money with Talent Scan!

We are not just another IT company that thinks we can solve Film Industry issues!  We are born from within the film industry, thus our platform has been created and developed exclusively for the Film Industry. Our platform runs on cloud servers and has an offline function for when your production is in the middle of nowhere.  We provide accurate data to relevant departments and keep all other data secure in compliance with the POPI Act.  Or system is fast, our training is easy and our innovation to save you money is unparalleled!!!!

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