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Are you tired of struggling with the Performers Agreement for International Commercials (PAIC) contracts? Register as a PAIC User Members and take advantage of our digital PAIC form creator.  Here you can digitally complete your PAIC form and with the touch of a button get it signed by the performer’s Agent and commercial’s client with no emails, scans or hassles!

Our system is designed with a double login authentication for unparalleled security!  And once you are a PAIC User Member you will have unlimited access to the Digi-PAIC form creator allowing you to create your PAIC contracts for all your cast, no matter the size of the commercial.

The big benefit of using our Digi-PAIC form creator is not just the ease of creating contracts, or distributing them to all relevant parties with the click of a button, but since you are making use of one PDF file, stored and share on our cloud servers, you can be assured of a perfect quality document once you are done and all have signed.  No more scans of scans to be emails were you can hardly read the contract anymore!

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