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Talent Scan is all about the ease of access for talent in the film industry and assisting production with a top of the range, industry leading digital Cast Coordinating system designed and developed by a top end software developer with the guidance, knowledge and experience of well know Cast Coordinator Mario Jansen. His systems are refined over more that 8 year of working as a Cast Coordinator, AD and Production Coordinator on commercials, features and TV series. We aim to smooth things out on set, focusing on the background artist and all procedures they go through on an every day basis, making sign-in/out faster and more accurate, making sure everyone gets meals and much more!!!!  Talent Scan is not and agency, our goal is to raise the standards & efficiency of service  that cast and extras deliver!

Once our system is in place talent will no longer have to stand in multiple lines for long periods of time, personal membership profiles will allow a platform for talent to update their details, portfolio pictures and even their show reels. Talent will be able to scan in at castings, fittings, rehearsals and shooting days.  And with everything we have planned and that we are busy developing talent will be able to be part of a more effective way of delivering world class services in the film industry world wide!

Please make use of our survey below to let us know what you thing.