/ Talent Agents Portal

Welcome to the future!

Buy registering as an Agents Portal Access Member you get granted access to the Talent Scan Platform.

Here you will be able to:

~ See your talent sign in & out each day in real time

~ See all Talent Scan jobs your artist have worked or are working on

~ Access the runlists of each day that has your talent on

~ View, download or email the chits for each day with a click of a button

~ Easily view or download the runlist of your artists for each day

~ Register your talent on the Talent Scan database or edit the data of artists already on the system

~ Do a Chitform search for an artist on a specific job

We will also add you to our Talent Agent Listings page for FREE!

There is no need to get all your artist on our system as we are still taking responsibility to capture each Talent’s info as they work on job using the Digi-Chit system, but you have the option to do so if you want to assist us in making things a little easier.

We are also busy developing many other features you might like to use as an agent at no extra cost.

It will cost you only R699/m to get your Agent account and log in details, that can be used by as many bookers as you want.  Register now and get free access till end of August 2020:


Click here to become a member now!